July 26, 2012

Newborn & Family Pics

I just about cry everytime I see these, they are so precious! Thanks Felicia Holland Photography! Felicia is having her second baby this October, I'm so thankful she was able to sneak us in before she puts down her camera for a while to finish school and take care of her babies!

Our little stinker decided that she wanted to be awake for the whole sitting, despite having fed her literally minutes before! I don't blame her though, it was almost 100 degrees out and the humidity was killer {just look at momma's hair, eek}!  Love, love, love these--and cannot wait to get the rest next week! Someone's going to go crazy at the Costco photo department, I can just feel it!

those lips!

special delivery

my mom thinks the (intentional) natural sun flare ruined this one, but it's one of my favorites! I promise she wasn't crying!


  1. I love the one with the sun too!

    Beautiful pictures! She is so adorable!!

  2. GINA!!!!! My long lost friend. Your pictures are absolutely stunning. Rylan is perfection, and you are looking fab! I wish we lived close so we could have a playdate :(

  3. So stinkin' precious, love them! What a beautiful little family you have (and you look great momma :)!

  4. Ok I've been gone for awhile and obviously missed this but congratulations!!!!! She is precious and I love her name! You look phenomenal for just having a baby! Isn't being a mama the best?!

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  12. How are you guys doing? I miss your posts!! xooxx Thinking of you.


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